How to eradicate the current dependence on individual car use is still an open challenge in many urban contexts. In MixMyRide, we develop and real-life test a multimodal Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform, delivered through a smartphone app, which has public transport as its backbone and exploits carpooling and active mobility. 

The obstacles
to multimodality mobility

Door-to-door car use may be perceived as more convenient than public transport, which is often criticised for a lack of frequency, spatial coverage, flexibility and timeliness of interchanges.

Active mobility choices (i.e. non-motorized transport, such as walking and cycling) may also be perceived as unfeasible alternatives to car use, as they require physical effort, sometimes may be dangerous, and are not sufficiently comfortable in certain weather conditions.

In MixMyRide we aim to overcome the traditional competition between transport modes, envisioning instead a fruitful collaboration between them: an opportunity to extend public transport networks and improve their performance and effectiveness, at the expense of solo car use.

Become a multimodal traveller with the
MixMyRide app!

MixMyRide encourages modal shifts by providing its users with efficient travel planning information, that exploits:

  • schedule public transport data, 
  • dynamic carpooling and bike- and e-scooter-sharing data,
  • advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to match mobility demand and offer. 


MixMyRide provides its users with multimodal travel indications regarding how to plan their trip between point A to point B, by identifying optimal trip leg combinations and allowing to quickly book and offer carpooling rides. 

Come and join the MixMyRide project to contribute to research and improve mobility in your region. If you are lucky, you might also win prizes offered by the random draws organised by the project! 

Boost cooperation between actors to take up the ‘last mile connection’ challenge

The MixMyRide platform enables the seamless integration of:

  • public transport,
  • carpooling rides offered by citizens,
  • bike and e-scooters use within the same trip. 


Through MixMyRide, mobility companies collaborate with citizens to the co-production of time-effective and flexible on-demand mobility options, thus providing new opportunities to address the challenge of the “last mile” connection and to achieve significant energy and carbon emission saving.

Targeted outcomes

MixMyRide is developed within a Swiss research project, which aims at:

  • delivering an app-based multimodal MaaS platform integrating public transport, carpooling, and active mobility; 
  • assessing its effects; 
  • delivering guidelines and recommendations to inform future policy-making initiatives for a wider deployment of the MaaS platform at the national level. 

The MixMyRide platform, co-designed with potential target users of the region of Lugano (living lab approach), is expected to avoid a significant number of individual car rides and to increase the current share of public transport in the trial areas, while also increasing the use of active mobility options and carpooling in the composition of multimodal trips. 

MixMyRide will be tested for a whole year in the regions of Lugano, Winterthur and Geneva. From March 2023, it will be available to any interested users. Stay tuned for news on its development and availability!