Project partners

MixMyRide is the result of collaborative effort by research institutions, mobility providers and advisors, as well as cities and public institutions.

Research partners

ISAAC-SUPSI – Institute of Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment

Researchers at SUPSI-ISAAC foster the energy and climate transition through applied research on renewable energies, use of energy in buildings, and mobility. They are highly experienced in multi-actor processes, field interventions, and living labs exploiting ICTs in the mobility domain. SUPSI-ISAAC has been Academic Research Partner of the SCCER Mobility programme since its foundation (Capacity area B2).  

SUPSI-ISAAC leads MixMyRide and is also responsible for field trial activities in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland (region of Lugano). 

  • Francesca CELLINA – Senior researcher. She experiments how to support the transition to a more sustainable and climate-resilient society. She is particularly engaged in mobility topics, at both the urban level and for long-distance travel. You can follow the outcomes of her research activities on Researchgate or Google Scholar
  • Tiziano GEROSA – Researcher. An expert in methodologies for policy design and evaluation, he contributes to the analyses of the effectiveness of the field trials. You can follow the outcomes of his research activities on Researchgate or Google Scholar


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IDSIA USI/SUPSI - Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence

IDSIA is a joint institute of the University for Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) and the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI). Its main research activities are machine learning and neural networks, modelling, simulation and optimization. IDSIA has been Academic Research Partner of the SCCER Mobility programme since 2019 (Capacity area B1) and of the SocialCar H2020 project (WP leader). 

In MixMyRide, IDSIA is responsible for the development of advanced muli-modal route planning algorithms. 

  • Andrea E. RIZZOLI – Director of IDSIA. Holds a Ph.D. in Control Engineering and Informatics awarded from Politecnico di Milano (Italy). He is the director of IDSIA, adjunct professor of the Faculty of Informatics of USI and professor at SUPSI. His interests are in simulation and in decision support systems and he has been involved in the development of various simulation models in different contexts, from natural resources modelling to logistics and industrial systems.
  • Marco DERBONI – Researcher. Software and Automation Engineer with a decade-long experience in software engineering and product development in R&D departments of medium and large-sized enterprises as well as knowledge transfer from academy to industry. He joined IDSIA in 2015, where he is currently responsible of several applied research projects in the areas of mobility, energy management and health. His research interests are the application of machine learning and optimization models, routing algorithms, data processing and analysis.
  • Vincenzo GIUFFRIDA – Research Engineer. Currently involved in academic and industrial research projects in the field of AI and Machine Learning. He is responsible for exploring and implementing innovative algorithms and applications using the most updated tools and frameworks for data science and artificial intelligence. He graduated with a master’s degree in Computer Science and worked for several years in a technology company as a Software Engineer. 


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The Institute of Sustainable Development (INE) is a part of the School of Engineering from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences  (ZHAW) and consists of researchers with backgrounds in geography, engineering, environmental sciences, social sciences and economics. The Sustainable Mobility Group of ZHAW INE is experienced in mobility management, user perspectives, mobility behaviour and assessment of new mobility solutions. Extensive knowledge on these fields has been gained in European and national level research projects like ERA-NET Smart Commuting, SCCER Mobility and SCCER CREST. The Sustainable Mobility Group of ZHAW INE develops concepts, models, policies, strategies and evaluation processes supporting sustainable mobility through the use of a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

In MixMyRide the Sustainable Mobility Group of ZHAW-INE is responsible for field trial activities in the German-speaking part of Switzerland (region of Winterthur) and for the assessment of the impact from the field trials.

  • Andrea Del Duce is head of the Sustainable Mobility Group at the Institute for Sustainable Development. His research focuses on the analysis of potential development scenarios of Swiss and global mobility in a long-term perspective. Prior to that, he worked at the environmental consultancy Quantis as Senior Sustainability Consultant, and as a post-doc researcher in the Life Cycle Assessment and Modelling group at EMPA in Dübendorf.
  • Uros Tomic works as a research associate in the Sustainable Mobility and Sustainable Energy Systems Group at ZHAW. His research focuses on social science approaches in energy and mobility research and its application to the design of target group-oriented interventions for behavioural change. Before joining ZHAW INE, Uros Tomic was employed at the consulting network BASE (Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy), which is active in the field of innovative business and financing models for sustainable energy solutions.
  • Raphael Hoerler is a research assistant at the ZHAW and has been working at the Institute for Sustainable Development since 2017. He is also pursuing his dissertation with a focus on sharing and electric mobility at the Institute for Environmental Decisions at ETH Zurich. His main focus is on the statistical analysis of large data collections, typification of mobility users and modelling of dynamic interactions in the mobility sector. Furthermore, he deals with communication in science, gamification approaches and participatory workshop design methods.


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Mobility provider

BePooler, European Multimode Commuting Platform

BePooler is a smart mobility operator focused on travel sharing (Private Car, Shuttle, Taxi, Car Sharing, etc.), offering a technologically advanced car-pooling platform dedicated to commuters and business travellers in Europe. It provides companies and commuters a fast and safe way to share their home-work-home trips, reducing traffic, pollution, costs and the use of public resources. The B2B2C (Business to Business to Customers) business model requires employers to offer the service to all employees who need to travel, resulting in cost savings and monetary benefits for users. BePooler has a multiplier effect resulting in the possibility of grouping users from different companies with the same travel route, whether short (e.g., airport, train station, etc.) or long distance.

In MixMyRide, BePooler is responsible for the software development of the app and for the provision of car-pooling services. 

  • Mirko BARUFFINI – Country General Manager Suisse, BePooler’s manager. A capable, dedicated, results orientated manager with experience of leading high performance teams. As an expert in innovation and technologies for the smart city, he has a great experience in working alongside the private and public sector in the mobilty management. He is involved in the implementation of business models and innovative technologies on small, medium and large scale for the future city. Identifying both creative and data driven solutions to Corporate and Public Administration traditional problems is Mirko’s job, to further drive resilience while addressing 21st century challenges. 
  • Paolo MASTROBUONO Co-Founder & CTO at BePooler. Performance focused technology executive, innovator in launching strategies, programs and services to boost corporate performances. Demonstrated success managing networking, software design, quality assurance and product development. Solid Management skills, capable of leading and motivating individuals to maximize level of productivity, while forming cohesive team environments. 
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Mobility advisor

Citec, international mobility engineering and consulting company

Citec Ingénieurs SA is an international transport consultancy providing transport technology services to a broad range of clients. Citec specialises in designing integrated solutions to aid the management of multimodal traffic and transport networks in both urban and inter-urban environments. The team combines extensive experience in ITS, Maas, GIS, AI, Big Data, and systems integration and development. 

In MixMyRide, Citec is sponsible for field trial activities in the French-speaking part of Switzerland (region of Geneva) and for communication and dissemination activities.

  • Franco TUFO – General Director of the Group Citec. Transport engineer graduated from the ‘Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne’, he has 30 years of experience on several aspects of mobility: mobility plan in interaction with publics spaces and urban planning. He has driven several projects as Research Director about implementation of transport infrastructures in urban environment, like tramways, High Quality Public Transport, etc. 
  • Camille VEDEL – MaaS expert and digital product manager. Involved in several digital large-scale projects, she has acquired experience in public mobility and contract management on one side and project management skills regarding complex software solutions (MaaS & Transport Management Module).


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Implementation partner

Lugano Living Lab - Città di Lugano

Lugano Living Lab is part of the European Network of living labs. Its mission is to bring innovation into the city of Lugano by enabling, testing and developing digital innovative solutions. Lugano Living Lab implements innovation projects in close collaboration with citizens, universities and private companies.

In MixMyRide, Lugano Living Lab supports co-design activities as well as the field trial in the Lugano region. 

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WinLab – City of Winterthur

With WinLab, the City of Winterthur wants to position itself as a real-world living lab to test in systematic ways social and technological innovations supporting the smart sustainable city development especially in the context of the energy and climate concept aiming at net zero by 2040.

In MixMyRide, WinLab supports co-design activities as well as the field trial in the Winterthur region.

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