On May, 2nd was performed the first draw among “MixMyRide active users” and the first winners were contacted. Let’s discover what they did to win!

How to be a ‘MixMyRide active user’?

In exchange for the commitment to use the MixMyRide platform, the MixMyRide project rewards its “active users” with the following sets of prizes:

 The check on the number of “active MixMyRide users” is performed, for each region separately, on the day before the one scheduled for the random draw. The number of available prizes for each random draw and region is set according to the following rule described in the Terms and Conditions document.

First winners were contacted

Only the participants of the Lugano region met the conditions: as less than 50 MixMyRide active users were found so far on the MixMyRide app, only one prize was drawn. The lucky winner of the 50 CHF voucher was informed yesterday. The prize will be offered in LVGA, the digital token of the City of Lugano. Other 4 MixMyRide users got the welcome prize of 20 CHF voucher, again offered in LVGA, as they answered the first survey and also offered carpooling rides.

Stay tuned for the next draw

As a reminder, each region organizes its draws with a total of 4’000 CHF to be distributed over the year of trial. The next draw will be performed the 30th June 2023, keep offering carpooling and asking for rides and be ready to win!